photo0002Once upon a time, there was a prosperous land called Landriendship. This is where we can grow old with our lovers for an eternity. Since friendship never dies, this land will be prosperous as well. And I believe, that this is kind of what people want, to live in Landriendship.

I’ll never forget the day when I was standing on a stage with Ita at Kindergarten. We were there for reciting Quran, it’s called “Qiro’ah”. We were dressed on the same colors, green. And I could tell that we were nervous, though I’d practiced with my father for many times. I laughed aloud when my brother played my Kindergarten Graduation CD. “It’s embarrassing!” I said. But he told me that I and Ita looked very cute on that day.

That was 14 years ago.

Ita is one of my closest friend. But, truthfully, we don’t talk very much about our private things. We do share good things to each other though. Maybe that’s why, we never get in a fight. Haha.

She thought that I was a good influence for her. And so do I, I think she’s just a very nice girl to be friend…

We started at the very beginning stage together, and then we separated in Junior High School, then we met again at High School, and now, I think we’ve found our own paths. I don’t know where this path is heading me, but I do hope that we’ll end it in a Landriendship. A peaceful fantasy land I’ve been thinking, but it seems real to me.

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