A Poem to My Father

Every single word that father says,

means a lot to his daughter.

It echoes to the whole world she’s thinking.dsc_4803

It sinks deeply into the bottom of her heart.

It seems like twinkle stars

when she keeps her eyes closed.

It is literally a WISH, a HOPE, an ADVICE, a GUIDE, and a LIGHT,

for her dark moments, for her nightmares,

for her defense against egoism.

F A T H E R,

I remember how you’d always tell me stories

before I sleep.

And kiss my cheeks

to wake me up in the morning.

©Wilda, November 3rd,2016.

I was inspired by this awesome book of Obama that I occasionally read this morning. It reflected how father feels for his daughter. So I wrote this poem, as a reflection of how I feel for my father. (It’s my true story, btw).

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